Dental Arts of Hoboken offers tooth sealants in Hoboken, NJ. Dental sealants are applied to teeth as a way to provide a protective barrier against decay caused by plaque, bacteria and food particles. Typically sealants are applied to the biting surfaces of molars, since they have a substantial chewing surface filled with grooves that make it easier for food particles and bacteria to sit on teeth, ultimately resulting in decay. By sealing the top of the tooth surface, bacteria and plaque are unable to penetrate the sealant’s surface, warding off tooth decay and cavities.

Tooth sealants are one of the pediatric dentistry services offered at Dental Arts of Hoboken.  Although sealants are recommended for children once their permanent molars grow in, we also recommend sealants for older patients that are prone to tooth decay or that simply want added protection against decay.  Patients of any age can benefit from having tooth sealants applied as a layer of protection.

If you are interested in learning more about tooth sealants offered in our Hoboken dental office, contact us today at 201-963-9000.